A Precursor

In the early days of the Dawn War, The Gods of the Astral Sea were confident in their strength and in their unity. With cities that spanned thousands of miles and a golden age of enlightenment and power, few ever thought they could be shaken. The Gods were foolish in their dismissal of the Primordials power. It was only when the Lords of the Elements were knocking on the doors of these glorious kingdoms did the Gods panic. A plan was constructed and Angels sang of it’s glory, but it was not good enough for one God. This God took it upon himself to find an ultimate weapon, a weapon that would scream through the heavens as it rained a fiery victory over the domains of the Primordials. He could not have prepared for the horrors he himself would one day unleash. A shard of pure evil cast from a horrible realm found it’s way into the hands of this God. He felt the raw power and mistakenly took the shard for his own. It warped his visage into the stuff of nightmares, corrupted his soul so profoundly, he became a being of destruction and pain and death. Instead of helping his Divine brothers and sisters, he became their worst fear and their most devastating enemy. Legends say that the Pantheon could not overcome their fallen God and could only imprison him. Others say he was indeed killed, but his influence still lingers in the dark corners of the world. Either way, his destructive and terrible mark was left throughout the cosmos. This Gods name is now lost to most mortals and only spoke of in hurried whispers by scholars who have dug too deep. But someone has taken up the cause to bring his name to the world again. To bring his terrible power into the core of the universe and unleash his hellish ways to every being that draws a breath…

“I have a different message for you… a message of terror, of destruction, of your skies turned to fire and your seas filled with blood. A power so awesome and so glorious is rising as we speak…and I am it’s messenger. I am the Archangel for this consuming darkness. I tell you this not as a warning, not as a chance for redemption, I tell you this so that you will remember, without a doubt, the day your lives started to end. The Forgotten One calls to you, mortals of Angelus. Will you answer? Will you give your pathetic lives to him?”

Will you?

The Blood Fire Saga